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Arenal, Guanacaste & Jacó

Offering Transfers and Tours during 25 years.


Jacamarpaint Our History

We started operations in 1996, in La Fortuna, San Carlos, our current CEO, Cesar Humberto Mora was a pioneer in the tourist development of the area, offering some of the first walks to the Arenal Volcano in an organized way. The experience gained through these years will allow Jacamar Naturalist Tours to integrate and train some of the best naturalist guides in the country and explore the best tourist destinations with them, taking millions of tourists from around the world.

Arenal volcano

"The adventure upgrade"
In recent years we have received an even more active and adventurous tourism, reazon why we have given ourselves the task of adding adventure tour services, gear and staff to satisfy the demand. We have also expanded to two new locations, Guanacaste and Jaco, covering 3 of the most visited tourist destinations in Costa Rica, maintaining the same philosophy of sustainable tourism in each destination, always concerned with the conservation of nature and culture.

"The fleet"
This expansion through the territory brought with it the acquisition of a modern land transport fleet that allows our clients to travel around the country in the safest and most comfortable way. As a result Jacamar became a leading company in high quality tourism services, supplying services for travel agencies and hotels of high prestige.

Private transfer min

" The 2020 "
As a company we survived the year 2020, perhaps the most difficult in our history, we recover step by step, with hard work and logistical optimizations, we have adjusted our operations to offer more private services that allow the healthy enjoyment of our tours and transportation services.

Team2 min

Today, after 25 years, Cesar Humberto Mora keeps sharing his passion and knowledge about sustainable tourism, not only as a businessman but also as an active member of organizations such as the Arenal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. Today we are a company with more than 80 people, enthusiatic and passionate producers of tours and transfers, led by a team of professionals focused on a single objective; offer the most memorable travel experiences in Costa Rica.

Our Mission

“To carry out naturalistic trips to educate the tourist about the meaning of the conservation of our natural resources in a sustainable way.”

Our Vision

“To be a company leader in tourist services focused in naturalistic tours to promote the economic and social growth, of the hand with the Sustainable Development.”

Together Our Staff and equipment

•We are over 25 guides certified by the Learning National Institute (INA).
Costa Rican Goberment certified every guide with a License according to its speciality (Naturalism, canopy tours, white water, cooking, among others.) The training program forces the guides to learn general and important info about tourism like; tourism laws,first aid and CPR, ethics and behavior protocols, history, geography and biodiversity.

• Our reservations and sales departments have full-time bilingual agents with formal training and vast experience working in tourism.

• The operations department implements a vast experience with tecnology of GPS monitoring, in order to perform high quality services

• We have a management office with over 15 employes working at the branches of marketing, finance, human resources,accounting, and costumer service.

• 30 full-time profesional drivers.

Canoe Equipment

• Full equipment for rafting, stand up paddle, safary float, biking, zip line, horseback riding, lake tours, night tours, spelunking, cooking, among others.

• A fully equipped restaurant with capacity to serve 80 people simultaneously.

• 2 Buses Senior Mercedes Benz (23 pax, model 2018).
• 30 vehicles. Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai with capacity for 1 to 15 people models 2017 to 2020.
• 8 buses. Toyota Coaster, Hyundai County with capacity for 16 to 24 people, models 2017 to 2020. • Luxury vehicles like a Toyota Prado VIP services.
• Over 60% of the Jacamar fleet are models 2019 – 2020.


Proteger Sustainable Development and Safety


• GPS monitoring in all vehicles.
• First Aid equipment for all the guides and cars.
• Internal net connection, telephone lines, internet connections full time- All the necessary insures for clients and employees in both offices.
• Tourist Declaration like Tour Operator Agency by I.C.T.
• Government Permission for Tour Operator Agency.
• Members and liders of Arenal Parliament of Tourism and Commerce, ("Arenal Camara de Turismo y Comercio").
• Updated insurance policies for tours and transport services.
• Certification of Sustainable Tourism Level 5. Responsabilidad

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