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Arenal, Guanacaste & Jacó

Offering Transfers and Tours to travelers during 22 years !


Jacamarpaint Our Company

Jacamar Naturalist Tours is a Costa Rican company dedicated to promote and operate different tourist services in Costa Rica, such as tours or excursions, guiding group services, transportation, specialized lectures and other related services.

Our headquarters are located in La Fortuna de San Carlos, North Guanacaste, and Jaco but we also count with satellite offices in some other regions of the country.

Our main customers are agencies and hotels around the country. The goal of JNT is to offer a personalized service of high quality, where we inmerse our clients in memorable experiences where besides enjoy, we build up awareness about the conservation of natural resources.

“To carry out naturalistic trips to educate the tourist about the meaning of the conservation of our natural resources in a sustainable way.”

“To be a company leader in tourist services focused in naturalistic tours to promote the economic and social growth, of the hand with the Sustainable Development.”

Together Our Staff and equipment

•We are over 25 guides certified by the Learning National Institute (INA).
Costa Rican Goberment certified every guide with a License according to its speciality (Naturalism, canopy tours, white water, cooking, among others.) The training program forces the guides to learn general and important info about tourism like; tourism laws,first aid and CPR, ethics and behavior protocols, history, geography and biodiversity.

• Our reservations and sales departments have full-time bilingual agents with formal training and vast experience working in tourism.

• The operations department implements a vast experience with tecnology of GPS monitoring, in order to perform high quality services

• We have a management office with over 15 employes working at the branches of marketing, finance, human resources,accounting, and costumer service.

• 30 full-time profesional drivers.

Canoe Equipment

• Full equipment for rafting, stand up paddle, safary float, biking, zip line, horseback riding, lake tours, night tours, spelunking, cooking, among others.

• A fully equipped restaurant with capacity to serve 80 people simultaneously.

• 20 Toyota vans (8 pax, 2015 to 2020 models).
• 8 Buses Toyota Coaster and Hyunday County (23 pax, model 2016 & 2019).
• 2 Buses Senior Mercedes Benz (23 pax, model 2018).
• 3 D-Lux-Audi Q7 & Toyota Prado (3 pax, 2015 to 2019 models)


Proteger Sustainable Development and Safety

• GPS monitoring in all vehicles.
• First Aid equipment for all the guides and cars.
• Internal net connection, telephone lines, internet connections full time- All the necessary insures for clients and employees in both offices.
• Tourist Declaration like Tour Operator Agency by I.C.T.
• Government Permission for Tour Operator Agency.
• Members and liders of Arenal Parliament of Tourism and Commerce, ("Arenal Camara de Turismo y Comercio").
• Updated insurance policies for tours and transport services.
• Certification of Sustainable Tourism Level 5. Responsabilidad

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