What make us one of the best rafting tours?

Take on our turbulent waters in a river challenge that you and your team will never forget!

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White Water Rafting Balsa River

Rafting is one of the most popular tours in Costa Rica, and La Fortuna is the most popular place to enjoy this activity. The variety of rivers and river sections offer several options to choose from.

Our guides consider the river their office. They know every detail of the river, its behaviors, and the effects of different weather conditions. The production of hydroelectric energy in these rivers is an important factor in the development of the tours because the rivers are dam-controlled, and the water levels can vary based on the increased or decreased needs for electricity.

Taking Special care to evaluate each of these conditions is what sets us apart from our competition. We focus on our clients and the quality of the tour itself, not on running a specific river, section, or class. Each morning our professional team, in coordination with the hydroelectric dam coordinators, determines which river and which section will provide our clients with the best adventure for the challenge level requested. The objective of this planning is simple; optimal water levels and optimal fun, while respecting our security established safety protocols.

At Jacamar Naturalist Tours the safety of our clients is our top priority, their fun is our obligation, and their satisfaction is our greatest reward. The chosen section will provide at least 30 class II-III rapids, which, thanks to our geography, will allow for up to 40 minutes of continuous rapids. Our rainforest climate allows us to run the rivers every day, all year long. Each raft is for up to 6 participants plus a guide. We provide all necessary safety equipment and our guides are trained in river rescue, first aid, and accident prevention.

.by Didier Alfaro